By Anonymous

I close my eys and visualize my future,

a future where I am taking care of animals,

curing their injuries, making sure they are okay.

Dogs wagging their tails,

cats mewing from their cages,

everything feeling and looking surreal,

except I know it can become true.

My life revolves around helping animals,

whether from an injury or a disease,

I am helping them with the job I choose.

Watching the relief in a pet owner

and the recuperation of the animal

will be something I will enjoy

from my job.

There will be times when an animal

has to be put down,

but I know that I will have to face the truth

and make a harsh decision.

The job is not easy,

but it is worth the effort,

the years of school and training,

to be able to help animals in my own way.

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